2nd klm Skidra - Veria, Skidra 585 00

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Contact information for SOULIS S.A. headquarters and branches around Greece.

  Headquarters SOULIS S.A.
2nd klm Skidra - Veria, Skidra, P.O. 585 00
Skidra, Greece
  (+30) 23810.82400-5
  (+30) 23810.82406, 9

  SOULIS S.A. Kavala Branch
Industrial Zone Kavala O.T. 9
Kavala, 624 00
  (+30) 2510.361444-6
  (+30) 2510.361447


In SOULIS ABEE, we go one step further. Best packaging is the synonym of products excellent condition. This perception reflects our expert's effort to daily face the challenge, not just developing an optimal but an ideal package.


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