Our Values

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Our Policy - Competitiveness is our first goal

In SOULIS ABEE from 1971 we search, design and construct high level materials of fruits and vegetables’ packaging. Having excellent quality and aesthetic we fulfll each and every customers’ expectation.

Always following the market trends, we predict the needs and the desires of our customers by increasing their competitiveness through our experience and know-how. Via a wide product “portfolio”, we meet even the highest requirements, monitoring the entire production cycle, from the design to final delivery.

Investing in the education and employment of a highly qualifed staff and creating a comfortable and friendly working environment, we continue to promote creativity and achieve all our goals.


Our commitments:

 Stable Quality

 In time delivery

 Excellent Service


In SOULIS ABEE, we go one step further. Best packaging is the synonym of products excellent condition. This perception reflects our expert's effort to daily face the challenge, not just developing an optimal but an ideal package.


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