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Our Framework - Environment and Quality Systems 


The company considers that the safety of the product that it produces in terms of Biological, Chemical, Physical Risks should be at the center of each employee's interest. It is a key objective of quality of produced, traded products and services provided by it, since it does not mean product quality if it is not safe for the consumer. Achieving predefined and measurable goals goes through the satisfaction of its customers, the constant improvement of its processes and the training and development of staff.

 Each department has the responsible responsibility for the quality of the products, commodities or services provided, as the products include the quality and precision of actions of persons acting in the production process, control, standardization, storage, delivery and delivery to the customer. Tradables, products and services provided satisfy customer requirements, stated and implied.

 In order to achieve the safety of Public Health in the consumption of products produced by the company, the applicable legislation, GMP principles, Good Hygiene Practice (GHP) principles, the HACCP Principles , the potential customer requirements that the business can satisfy, and compliance with sensitivities of any sensitive user groups. Where necessary, the products of the company may also be accompanied by instructions for use.

The staff is constantly trained to adapt to the requirements of the safety of manufactured products, to the current market and customer requirements, to the continuous improvement of the efficiency of the processes being carried out and to the ways of achieving the objectives set by the company.

The objectives of the company regarding the improvement of the efficiency of implemented Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 22000: 2005, BRC) are put in place, checked and reviewed annually by the Quality Council - STOAT . of the business. Quality policy is reviewed and, if required, reviewed by the Quality Council in all its activities, is committed to meet and complies with the requirements of Greek and European legislation.

Furthermore, it is the company's commitment to provide any means required to carry out the collection and storage operations of the materials, their forming and processing operations, as well as the loading and transport operations of the finished products.

 The company is committed to obtaining the necessary prevention tools. The firm commits itself to providing its executives with all necessary means to update them on new scientific data, to communicate the quality policy to all staff, to support material and human resources (if required) for quality objectives and to provide continuous and effective training required to meet the new requirements of safety and security of traders and products.

Considering all the above, "SOULIS A.BE.E."

• Does not accept raw materials infected with pathogenic microorganisms and toxic or foreign substances to such an extent that even after processing they are dangerous. It ensures that raw and auxiliary materials are supplied only by authorized suppliers by providing the necessary food safety guarantees.

 • The products, at all stages of their production, from the receipt of the raw materials up to their handling are manufactured and managed in accordance with the principles of the current legislation and consistent with Good Industrial & Health Practice.

• Products are stored and kept in such a way that they preserve all their features.

• Products are transported and distributed to their final point of sale by privately owned trucks under optimum conditions.

The undertaking's commitment to the above is expressed by the practice of not providing any unsafe product for consumption and that the decisions of the Quality Council and the SOMAT Group are strictly followed. Finally, the company has the requirement that everyone contribute actively to the provision of safe products, to the satisfaction of customer requirements and to the continuous improvement of the efficiency of the processes of the PPC.         





In SOULIS ABEE, we go one step further. Best packaging is the synonym of products excellent condition. This perception reflects our expert's effort to daily face the challenge, not just developing an optimal but an ideal package.


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